Is Web Advertising Working For You?

Determining whether your web advertising campaign is delivering results is a critical aspect of your marketing strategy. It\’s important because web marketing can involve both financial costs and a significant investment of time and energy. Business owners need to continuously assess their marketing methods to identify what\’s working and what isn\’t. This allows them to focus their efforts on strategies that yield positive results while refining or eliminating those that are less effective. In this comprehensive article, we\’ll explore various marketing strategies and how entrepreneurs can evaluate their effectiveness.

Table 1: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Web Advertising Strategies

Web Advertising StrategyDescription
1. Affiliate MarketingA cost-effective strategy where affiliates promote your business, and you pay them based on results.
2. Message Board PostingEngaging with users on message boards and using surveys to assess the impact on website traffic.
3. Web Traffic AnalysisMonitoring website traffic and sales receipts to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Assessing Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing: One of the most cost-effective web marketing strategies involves having affiliates post ads on their websites to direct traffic to your site. In most cases, affiliates are only paid when they generate a desired result, such as driving a user to click on the ad or make a purchase. While this strategy can be financially efficient, it\’s essential to evaluate its effectiveness.

Fortunately, affiliate marketing comes with a built-in feedback mechanism. Each ad contains embedded code that identifies which affiliate generated the site visitors. This information not only facilitates affiliate payments but also provides valuable insights for business owners. By analyzing which affiliate ads perform best, entrepreneurs can tailor their marketing efforts to focus on the most effective ads.

Message Board Posting and Surveys:

Message Board Posting: Entrepreneurs who utilize web marketing strategies like posting on message boards to promote their businesses can ask customers to complete short surveys when making a purchase. These surveys can gather demographic information and identify how customers learned about the products or services offered. Including the web address of the message board in the survey responses can help determine if message boards are effective in driving traffic to your site. Additionally, monitoring the overall sentiment and engagement level on the message board can provide insight into its effectiveness as a promotional platform.

Web Traffic Analysis and Sales Receipts:

Web Traffic Analysis: The ultimate measure of any web marketing strategy\’s success lies in web traffic results and sales receipts. After implementing a new strategy or tactic, it\’s essential to closely examine website traffic reports and sales receipts to assess its impact. For example, if you send out an e-newsletter to subscribers interested in your products or services, observe whether there is a significant increase in traffic or sales shortly afterward. A noticeable surge in either indicates the e-newsletter was well-received and effective. Conversely, if there is no marked increase in traffic or sales, it suggests the marketing effort did not achieve the desired results.


Evaluating the effectiveness of your web advertising strategies is crucial for optimizing your marketing efforts and maximizing your ROI. By analyzing the performance of each strategy, you can identify which ones are generating the best results and make data-driven decisions to refine your marketing approach. Whether it\’s affiliate marketing, message board posting, or other web advertising methods, constant assessment ensures that your efforts are driving the desired outcomes and contributing to the overall success of your online business.

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